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Do you actively use InterBase or Firebird in your development? We are helping you to complete your work faster and produce high quality application. InterBase/Firebird Development Studio is a unique development environment that includes a solution for every stage of your database development – from the initial database design with ER diagrams to regular maintenance of the production database. IBStudio saves your time by highlighting code errors in your procedure, trigger or query before you get error message from the server. ER diagrams, stored procedure debugger, database comparer, query plan visualizer and SQL code refactoring – is only a short list of features offered by InterBase/Firebird Development Studio. Read More...

More information about InterBase/Firebird Development Studio with some sort of usage examples you will find in the following articles:

Have you set up regular backups for your database? Time to Backup is the best solution for that - it's easier and faster than setting up gbak with system scheduler service at least.
But Time To Backup isn't just a backup scheduler: it can run database validation before doing a backup and perform test restore after. When any error occurs it will send to you a notification by email. Besides this you can schedule stored procedure or SQL script to run.
Scheduler service is available for Windows and Linux platform and can be managed remotly from the Windows machine.
If you are the software company, it's a good idea to include Time to Backup in your server-side package and install regular backup procedure at once. Please contact us if you are interested.

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Your product is great considering its price and offer a lot of valuable functionalities. I have tried many FB database managing tools and must recognize that yours is impressive!

Stephane Claret

Data Browser is a nice and clever feature...

Pierre Yager

You have done an excellent tool, thank you very much. I've used  **** before that lacks a lot of so many useful things available in IB/FB Development Studio. E.g. how many hours should I spend to rename a column which is used in fifty (or even more) other objects. And this is only one of the useful feature of IB/FB Development Studio.



25-February-2010 | We are actively supporting upcoming release of Firebird 2.5. Feel free to post news about Firebird 2.5 release in your blog, twitter or any other web sites and social networks. Check http://www.mindthebird.com/  for more information.

18-February-2009 | InterBase/Firebird Development Studio has been updated. Please check the full list of new features and fixes.

22-September-2008 | InterBase/Firebird Development Studio has been updated. This release works better with UTF8 databases and supports new Firebird 2.5 syntax. Please check the full list of new features and fixes.

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