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  Designing Database
Database Designer Overview
Creating New Project
Connecting to existing project
Working with ER Diagrams
Creating Database Objects
Creating a database from project
Importing Changes from Database
Deploying changes to Database
Version Control System
  Editing and Debugging
Database Editor Overview
SQL Debugger
Extract Metadata
SQL Monitor
To-Do List
  Object Editors
Object Editors
Table Editor
View Editor
Procedure Editor
Trigger Editor
Domain Editor
Generator Editor
Exception Editor
UDF Editor
  Working with Queries
Query Analyzer Overview
Query Optimization
  Working with SQL Scripts
SQL Scripts
Script Language Extentions
  Deploying Database
Database Comparer Overview
  Database Administration
Administrative Console
Grant Manager
Database Statistics
  Monitoring Performance
Performance Analyzer
  Maintaining Database
Time to Backup overview
Installation and configuration
Scheduling events
Server settings
Common Options
Database Editor Options
Query Analyzer Options
Database Designer Options
Administrative Console Options