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Interbase/Firebird Development Stuido - Update 2. Build

Database Designer:
  • New property for tables available - "keep lines on vertical sides only". This feature allows to keep relations on left and right sides and to move the relation to the field used in it.
  • New property for relations - "ragged line". Turn on this option if your relation is too long. Instead of full line you will see the ragged line with the name of linked object. This options can be turned on automatically for all relations - check Tools->Options->Database Designer->General.
  • New option that allows to draw moving objects by different color. Try to use any bright color here.
  • When you want to rename a table you could check "Transfer data on next database update" flag. Database Designer will try to insert a block of SQL code to move data from old table to the new one.
  • Diagram print settings can be set globally. 
  • Constraint names that was generated by server can be automatically renamed during Reverse Engineer process.
  • Constraint names can be renamed globally using templates. Check "Tools->Specials" menu for this option. Constraint name templates are located on "Options->Database Editor->Object Editors" page.
  • Database Editor and Designer - you could select not only particular object type. Hold ALT key when clicking the object type button to list several object types at once.
  • Generator values can be edited in the grid.


Database Designer:

  • When diagram is scrolled new table appears in wrong place
  • The same bug when you are trying to create new relation - cursor changes over wrong places.
  • It is possible to create several SP with the same name.
  • Diagram cannot be opened when it contains deleted table.
  • SQL Script can be saved when only option was changed and not after the text editing.
  • Importing project from IBAdmin 4.x - all domains will be loaded twice.
Database Editor:
  • Dependencies fixed
  • Table Editor now checks that new Foreign Key has the same structure as existing one.
  • It was impossible to declare blob filters for blobs subtypes < 0
  • It was only possible to give the trigger an position between 0 and 100
A number of other minor improvements and user interface fixes were made.
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