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InterBase/Firebird Development Studio.

InterBase/Firebird Development Studio takes you from start to finish while you design, develop, and deploy InterBase/Firebird databases. Seven specialized tools walk you through all the steps of the development process—from design to deployment to maintenance. Work efficiently and powerfully, every step of the way.

  1. Database Designer.

    ER diagrams can make the early stages of database development a breeze. Database Designer offers ER diagramming features—and much more. Database Designer encompasses complete database development, covering table structures along with stored procedures and triggers. Your Database Designer project contains a repository for your database objects, including the ER diagram as an object type.
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  2. Database Editor.

    Our Database Editor puts you in charge of your database—create and modify database objects in your production or development database. You can work quickly with the special editor for each object type, along with advanced tools like SQL Debugger, Extract Metadata, and SQL Monitor. Most code editors support dynamic syntax and error highlighting. Our power-packed Database Editor takes powerful editing one step further—with refactoring.

  3. Query Analyzer

    Optimize your queries with Query Analyzer. Execution statistic and visual plan analyzer provide a fast and effective way for speeding up your query. Query Analyzer is equipped with Database Explorer that allows quickly extract object metadata for instant change or generate SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE or DELETE statements based on the table structure. You may write several statements and run them all at once, except for SELECT statement, of course. You can save frequently-used statements with our SQL Favorites feature. Query Analyzer can be used also to create and execute SQL Script.

  4. Database Comparer.

    Upgrade your database easily with Database Comparer. To perform an update you can select your production database, select your development database, and click Compare. The tool generates an SQL script containing all DDL commands required to upgrade metadata of the production database. It’s that quick. Automate your deployment process with command line switches of the Database Comparer.

  5. Administrative Console.

    InterBase and Firebird require almost no administration. However, occasionally you might need to back up or restore a database, check it for corruption, and manage server users. Do it all with Administration Console.

  6. Perfomance Monitor.

    Monitor your database performance the right way. Interbase 7.x has special temporary tables with lots of information about your database. Firebird and prior versions of Interbase provide only general workload information. Performance Monitor extracts available information, depending on your version of Interbase/Firebird and presents the data in a variety of ways.

  7. Maintenance Service Manager.

    Interbase/Firebird Development Studio contains a system service to perform scheduled maintenance tasks. The Maintenance Service Manager manages this service locally or remotely. You can schedule database backup with a wide range of options, such as including validation before backup, attempt to restore after successful backup, and more. You can even schedule stored procedures or SQL scripts to run on specific days and times. Receive error reports in your e-mail.

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