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Time To Backup - Firebird/InterBase Backup Scheduler.

Time to Backup" is a suite of programs that allow to schedule backup of InterBase/Firebird database on your database servers. Besides database backup it can run specified stored procedure or SQL script at specified day and time. The key features of Time to Backup are:
  • Multi platform - server part is available for Windows and Linux.
  • E-mail notification on errors.
  • Compression of the backup files.
  • Backup file testing via performing test restore.
  • Validation of the database before doing backup. Database can also be shut down before doing backup.
  • Automatic filename generation based on date, time, day of week, event name and incremental number.

System requirements.

On the windows platform Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003 are supported. Windows 95, 98 and Millenium are not supported because they do not support services.

On all platforms InterBase or Firebird client must be installed. Sinse Sevices API is available from InterBase 6.0 Time to Backup cannot be used with earlier versions of InterBase. Any version of Firebird is supported. Classic build of Firebird 1.0 is not supported because it does not support Services API.


Time to Backup consists of two main parts - server service and management application. On Windows platform server part is running as a system service. On Linux it is a simple daemon and that can be run by any user. Management tool work on Windows platform only.


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