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Do you actively use Firebird in your development? We are helping you to complete your work faster and produce high quality application. Firebird SQL Studio is a unique development environment. SQLStudio saves your time by highlighting code errors in your procedure, trigger or query before you get error message from the server. Stored procedure debugger, Database comparer, query plan visualizer and SQL code refactoring - is only a short list of features offered by Firebird SQL Studio. 


Our cooperation with IBSurgeon team is expanding. Firebird SQL Studio is now part of special Firebird distribution for Enterprises - HQbird

SQLLY Development took part of Firebird Tour 2015 in Moscow.

Firebird Database Designer   What users are saying
Firebird Database Designer is a unique solution on the market that combines ER diagram editor with code repository equipped by built-in version control system. Using Firebird Database Designer you can develop full database without even creating it. You can check full project for consistency at any time and clean all bugs before trying to apply changes to the real database. Built-in version control system makes it ideal to work with a team. Read More...

ER Diagram Editor

Version Difference

Your product is great considering its price and offer a lot of valuable functionalities. I have tried many FB database managing tools and must recognize that yours is impressive!

Stephane Claret

Data Browser is a nice and clever feature...

Pierre Yager

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