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Interbase/Firebird Development Stuido - version 5.1. Build

This version is a maintenance release and mostly fixes some syntax-checker problems.


Syntax highlighting:

  • Fixed problem with FIRSTNAME and LASTNAME identifiers which were threated as reserverd words. 
  • Fixed syntax for dateadd function.
  • Fixed syntax for "is distinct from" predicate.

Database Editor:

  • Fixed problem with SP on UTF8 databases - sometimes SP bodies were not visible. 

What users are saying:

I'm migrating from SQL server to Firebird, so my current tasks are a lot about refactoring tables and modifying the database schema. I can't tell you how much I appreciate having your tool automatically generating whole scripts for all these operations that can't be done by typing a single "alter table" statement like for example setting a column default value,  modifying a column data type, renaming a foreign key field ....

I do think it's one of the most professional and serious firebird management tool available.

Stephane Claret

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