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Interbase/Firebird Development Stuido - version 5.1. Build

This version works better with UTF8 databases and supports new Firebird 2.5 syntax.



  • UTF8 databases supported better now - national text can be entered in the metadata comments and for objects description. Data output grid also can display national characters stored in UTF8 database. Anyway, all mentioned above is possible when national characters are in the default system locale.
  • SQL syntax parser now supports new features of Firebird 2.5.


Database Editor:

  • Extract metadata now adds SUSPEND to the empty stored procedures that have any output parameter. Required by Firebird 2.1 which generates error when any select statement tries to access SP without suspend.   
  • SQL Debugger - fixed bug with date variables handling.
  • Data view - "Show Current filter" does not work after refresh.

Database Designer:

  • Firebird 2.0 and Interbase 7.5 monitoring tables were not visible in the Database Designer. 

What users are saying:

I'm migrating from SQL server to Firebird, so my current tasks are a lot about refactoring tables and modifying the database schema. I can't tell you how much I appreciate having your tool automatically generating whole scripts for all these operations that can't be done by typing a single "alter table" statement like for example setting a column default value,  modifying a column data type, renaming a foreign key field ....

I do think it's one of the most professional and serious firebird management tool available.

Stephane Claret

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