Installing Time to Backup.

First of all you need to install server part of Time to Backup. To install Time To Backup service on Windows platform just run "TimeToBackup_setup.exe" installation package and select to install service only. To install it on Linux platform use "TTBService_setup.gz" file. Unpack it on your Linux box, set up required file permissions to access backup files and directories and run "timetobackupservice" executable.

When your server part is up and running you can setup TimetoBackup Manager application. Use "TimeToBackup_setup.exe" to do this. Time to Backup manager application is available on Windows platform only.

Configuration data on Windows.

On Windows platform Time to Backup service keeps all configuration data in the system registry. Default path is HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\TimeToBackup.

Configuration data on Linux.

If the service application runs as root, it will look for the configuration file in the /etc directory:


If it runs as another user it will look for configuration file in the user's home directory:


It is possible to specify location of the configuration file with  "-c" parameter:

timetobackupservice -c /tmp/timetobackup.cfg